[Warehouse] [mch2022-orga] Team:Warehouse needs your shopping lists!

konmei ccc at wedrich.org
Sun Jun 19 19:44:26 CEST 2022

Hi team Warehouse,

you have not received a list from team:villages, since we assume that 
the stuff that we will be involved with, is covered anyway (we talked 
about that some months ago, I am not sure anymore with whom in particular).
This is mainly "barrier tape", to mark the specific areas on the field 
and something to "put it down", which is also part of the general build 
up (marking ways, areas etc. on the ground).

Can you confirm that this is on your radar or do you need some more 
details from us?

Thank you and best regards,

Am 17.05.2022 um 21:27 schrieb f0x via Orga:
> tl;dr submit shopping lists before 22nd of May
> Hello Hackers,
> Team Warehouse (which you may know from the Logistics Headquarters aka 
> LHQ) is starting up, and we need your input!
> == Background information ==
> Team Warehouse will provide a small scale on-site storage facility, 
> pre-stocked with items that we expect to come in handy, like power tools 
> and duct tape. We support other teams by providing them with shared 
> tools and generic disposables, that their volunteers can pick up at our 
> warehouse. If capacity allows, we can also deliver these items to 
> volunteers in the field, to minimize the interruption. We will also 
> coordinate shopping runs for items that are not yet available, but 
> dearly needed.
> A part of the warehouse will be made available for teams with storage 
> requirements that absolutely cannot be met by tents (mostly, 
> electronics). Specifically for the rest of team Logistics, we will 
> provide a Headquarters (LHQ), from which those teams can coordinate 
> their activities.
> We focus on items that are beneficial to share, or buy in bulk. This 
> includes items like tape (you only need a few meters, so buying an 
> entire roll is wasteful), tools (you only need it for a few minutes, 
> someone else can use it later), and such. We also buy stuff office 
> supplies like tie-wraps and extension cords because those are easier to 
> find in bulk and almost every team will need those. We typically do not 
> buy food and other supermarket items, nor very exotic stuff from stores 
> we aren't already visiting.
> Warehouse will also organize Golfcart and Bicycle rental, keep on the 
> lookout for another email in the near future.
> == We need your input ==
> To get stuff in advance and in bulk, you can send us your shopping lists 
> and we'll see what we can do. For this we have a spreadsheet template 
> (attached), please use this. We will communicate back on what we 
> can/can't do as soon as possible.
> We will limit the amount of stores we visit/order from to a reasonable 
> number; anything that's common to multiple teams. If you're not sure, 
> you can add it to your list, but we might say no.
> It's important to know that due to our volume of requests, limited time, 
> and store availability, we might have to improvise part of your order 
> and you'll have to be flexible with what you get. If this is 
> unacceptable, please get this item yourself.
> We also manage most of the keys (physical ones, not cryptographic :)), 
> for any keys shared by multiple teams, so everyone has a single (secure) 
> location to look for them, and we keep track of who has them.
> So please fill in the attached spreadsheet, and send it back before the 
> 22nd of May. Also let us know if you need our storage room or have any 
> other questions.
> You can reach us at warehouse at lists.mch2022.org
> Yours,
> Team Warehouse
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