[Warehouse] [mch2022-orga] Team:Warehouse needs your shopping lists!

Twi twi at mch2022.org
Thu Jun 30 19:06:16 CEST 2022

Hi f0x,

I just talked to AK at the last orga meet and he will add 30 wooden 
poles for the POC to the NOC order.

So: No todo for you :)

- Twi

On 06.06.22 21:39, f0x wrote:
> On 6/6/22 20:00, Twi wrote:
>> of course we already benefit from the infrastructure provided by the 
>> other teams like NOC and Power (eg the mentioned scaffolds and the 
>> Datenklos) but we will still need these amount of wooden poles.
> Hornbach seems a good source of these, and they will do delivery (€27.97).
> 27x44 ca. 2100 mm is cheaper at €3.49
> https://www.hornbach.nl/shop/KONSTA-Vuren-balk-geschaafd-27-x-44-x-ca-2100-mm/5185875/artikel.html 
> 33x56 ca. 2100mm pine for €4.19 each
> https://www.hornbach.nl/shop/KONSTA-Vuren-balk-geschaafd-33-x-56-x-ca-2100-mm/5185878/artikel.html 
> We can order 30 of either and have it brought to the terrain with our 
> other off-site transport, at (very) early buildup.
> -f0x

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