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Sat Jun 18 11:47:17 CEST 2022

Dear sponsor,

Soon Team:Villages will open up their registration of preferred locations of groups on the fields of MCH.

If you would like to mention your preferred location (which will be taken into account, but can’t always be honoured due to coinstraints), you first need to register a village for your group. What that is and how you register one is explained here: https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Villages#What_is_a_village.3F <https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Villages#What_is_a_village.3F>.

It’s best to register your village as soon as you can if you have not done so already. Once Team:Villages is ready to accept preferred locations, you can find how to do it here: https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Villages#Can_we_select_a_location_for_our_village.3F <https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Villages#Can_we_select_a_location_for_our_village.3F>.

We’ll send a reminder email to you when location registration opens.

An important remark: like mentioned in the FAQ of Team:Villages, the village overview on the wiki is not intended as a promotional opportunity for organisations. Please think of a fun village name for your group instead of just putting down your company name, and don’t put overly commercial content in the village details. This will fit much better with the visitors of MCH.

See you soon!

Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,

Tom Clement (Halcyon)
Team Projectleiding & Sponsoring MCH2022
tom at mch2022.org <mailto:tom at mch2022.org> | www.mch2022.org <http://www.mch2022.org/>

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