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> Subject: [mch2022-orga] Village content in the MCH2022 programme
> Date: 14 June 2022 at 16:14:53 EEST
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> Hi all,
> As you may have noticed there is currently one track in the MCH2022 programme labeled MCH2022 Curated Content. However, if you want your village content included in it, we can create additional tracks with appropriate labels in it, as well as include your village stage in it.
> If you want to do so there are a few requirements:
> * You have to do all the data entry of your speakers and their proposals in PretalX (our conference management system) yourself. Mails with "our village programme is in this wiki", or even worse: "here's a google doc with our programme, pls include, okthxbye" will be ignored.
> * We may be unable to allow you to schedule within PretalX (it's built for different workflows than this one), but are willing to schedule according to your wishes provided that the above data entry is done yourselves.
> * We may ask you for space on your stage in case we need some overflow stages for workshops. By the looks of it, this is unlikely to be necessary since we have three large workshop tents already.
> * We do need points-of-contact for giving you PretalX accounts, and mail will be the communications channel.
> Hit us up at content at mch2022.org if you want this to happen for your village stage.
> Regards,
> Walter
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