[MCH Team:Info] [Family] Booklet content Family Zone

Florian Overkamp mch2022 at flrn.eu
Wed Jun 22 13:46:51 CEST 2022


After discussion with POC their suggestion is to adhere to the name 
dialling option, so it will be 5437 (KIDS)

I've adjusted our pad to reflect this, and the second item in our list 
(below) is no longer valid.


On 6/21/22 20:57, Florian Overkamp wrote:
> Hi,
> Team:Family is happy to present a short piece of content for the 
> booklet, which can be found here:
> https://pad.hackalot.nl/OYRRHf0TR6yjyphqfJUgcA?both#
> Also please note these remarks to the current booklet content we've 
> identified:
> - Please refer to the Family Zone, not Family Village.
>    - in May Contain Content
>    - in Times and Numbers
> - In Times and Numbers
>    - Please note Family Zone will be using phone number 1543 (1KID)
> NB.: I've asked POC about wether or not all phone numbers will be in the 
> 1XYZ range. If yes, then 1543 will make sense, if no, name-dialling KIDS 
> will be more useful. POC has both of these reserved for us, to be safe.
> On behalf of Team:Family,
> best regards,
> [Sim]

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