[MCH Team:Info] Booklet content Family Zone

Florian Overkamp mch2022 at flrn.eu
Tue Jun 21 20:57:13 CEST 2022


Team:Family is happy to present a short piece of content for the 
booklet, which can be found here:


Also please note these remarks to the current booklet content we've 

- Please refer to the Family Zone, not Family Village.
   - in May Contain Content
   - in Times and Numbers

- In Times and Numbers
   - Please note Family Zone will be using phone number 1543 (1KID)

NB.: I've asked POC about wether or not all phone numbers will be in the 
1XYZ range. If yes, then 1543 will make sense, if no, name-dialling KIDS 
will be more useful. POC has both of these reserved for us, to be safe.

On behalf of Team:Family,
best regards,


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