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Jick van Wijhe jickvanwijhe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 07:23:48 CEST 2022

Hi all,

Please find below our contribution on behalf of safety. Warm regards,

Jick / Firewall


In case of emergency: 


By GSM call +31 (0)85 234 1120 
By DECT call 911 
Or talk to anyone with a handheld radio. 

State the nature of the emergency and tell us the exact location. 
If, and only if, all else fails: call 112 on your mobile phone. 

The MCH emergency response teams will arrive faster than the public response teams because we are already on site. 
Therefore, we recommend you to save the number above in your mobile phone, thus ensuring you have it at hand if you need it. 

The emergency response station is located at the beginning of the Backbone Boulevard, next to the info desk. 
Here you can find team First Aid (EHBO), team Fire and team Security. 
For any questions whatsoever regarding First Aid, Fire, Security or general safety, feel free to visit us and have a chat. 

If you need medical assistance and are unable to walk to the emergency response station, give us a call. If someone else needs medical assistance, please contact us and stay with the victim until help arrives.

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