[Warehouse] Italian Embassy bicycles

Peter peter at peetz0r.nl
Wed Jul 13 21:08:19 CEST 2022

Hey Italian Friends,

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Team Warehouse only provides bicycles 
(and other items) to teams and orga, not villages. I must say, the 
Nutella almost convinced me.

If you really want the full experience of riding a Warehouse-provided 
bike, you can take a look in the angel system to find out which shifts 
require a bike.

Happy Hacking, and please consume the exact right amount of Grappa ;)

- Peetz0r

Op woensdag 13 juli 2022 om 12:41:26 +0200 schreef Federico Cerutti 
<federico at ceres-c.it>:
> Hello,
> we Italians would love to have a couple of bicycles to move around 
> the camp easily. We'll need them to bring our kitchen equipment to 
> the cleaning points after every meal and source food: possibly, fresh 
> croissants in the morning. I was told by our team leader for IHE at SHA 
> (gioque) that your team did source the bikes for us back then, would 
> it be possible to do it again?
> We're willing to pay the rent for those and, of course, offer some 
> pasta, coffee, nutella and grappa (not to people on bikes) to 
> compensate for the inconvenience caused :)
> I hope it's not too late for this request,
> see you in Zeewolde!
> --
> Federico Cerutti / ceres-c
> --
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