[Warehouse] pallet from and to Finland

Manduca manduca at mch2022.org
Mon Jul 11 16:36:18 CEST 2022

Hi Tapio,

Sorry for the late response. Been quite busy with the event, and this 
one slipped my attention.
You have already sent it? If so, how did you address this? And can you 
provide shipping details?

We can surely receive the pallet and store it. However. It will be 
unguarded and outside. Storage is at your own risk. It is best to have 
somebody ready on the terrain so we can deliver it directly.

Pick-up will be the same way around. We'll put it near the front gate so 
DHL can pick it up there. They might need to wait for a forklift to 
assist in loading, so make sure they are not impatient. If you want to 
guard it, you have to provide someone to do so.

@Warehouse: At SHA2017 we coordinated these shipments via Warehouse. It 
worked well (also with smaller parcels). Are you picking this up again? 
And do you have any additional or different requirements?


PS: If this is the sauna, we demand some sauna time :P

On 8-7-2022 0:49, Tapio Haapala wrote:
> Hi,
> We have sent pallet to MCH2022 from Finland. It will most probably 
> arrive 19. day. If possible please guide it directly to village 
> because it weights about 500kg so it needs forklift to move.
> I have plan to print return waybill ready at Finland before I left 
> from home. So question is that what is best day to you for DHL to pick 
> it up after camp? It is ready at 26. morning but I assume that 26. day 
> there is still so much going on at field that you do not want DHL 
> truck to come disturb things. So is it better that DHL will pick it up 
> 27 or even 28. day?

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