[Warehouse] Fwd: [mch2022-orga] Gratis meuk^Wspullen voor Nederlandse hackerspaces

Dave Borghuis dave at tkkrlab.nl
Mon Aug 8 18:51:15 CEST 2022

>> So... if you represent a Dutch hackerspace, please send me an email 
>> at warehouse at lists.mch2022.org, in which you answer the following 
>> questions:
>>     1. Which hackerspace do you represent?
TkkrLab Enschede
>>     2. Do you wish to participate in this give-away? Note: someone 
>> will have to pick things up at RevSpace; no shipping.
Yes please (can we pick it up during the Revspace 12,5 BBQ?)
>>     3. What kinds of things would really help your space? Are your 
>> storage boxes still unlabelled? Does someone keep consuming all the 
>> consumables? Are you still missing some (less) useful powertools?
LEDS, electronic tools?
>>     4. What kinds of things would you really hate to receive? E.g. 
>> Are you overflowing on office supplies? Does your space already stock 
>> the entire Lidl-Shop catalogue? Are permanent markers banned since 
>> the incident?
Please if possible no office supplies or cleaning stuff
>>     5. Will you happily accept your gifts, without complaining or 
>> jealousy? :)

Yes I do...



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