[Warehouse] Fwd: [mch2022-orga] Gratis meuk^Wspullen voor Nederlandse hackerspaces

polyfloyd floyd at polyfloyd.net
Fri Aug 5 17:43:09 CEST 2022

Ok! Dan gaan die vast mee.

On 8/5/22 17:40, f0x wrote:
> Hoi,
> De verdeling van spullen hangt nog af van wat andere spaces willen, 
> dus dat duurt nog even. Als Bitlair daar interesse in heeft kunnen
> jullie al wel een doosje met 98 Biosynex zelftesten meenemen, die 
> staan vanuit de space gezien aan de rechterkant van de garage 
> opgestapeld (Juerd is aanwezig en weet
> ook waar ze staan).
> On 8/5/22 17:29, polyfloyd wrote:
>> Hi Team Warehouse,
>> On behalf of Bitlair, we would like to participate in this giveaway. 
>> I am not sure what Bitlair is lacking at the moment, so we are happy 
>> with whatever you serve us :)
>> If you let me know before 22:00 today, I can take some stuff with me 
>> to Amersfoort.
>> - polyfloyd
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>> Subject:     [mch2022-orga] Gratis meuk^Wspullen voor Nederlandse 
>> hackerspaces
>> Date:     Fri, 5 Aug 2022 13:19:46 +0200
>> From:     f0x via Orga <orga at lists.mch2022.org>
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>> Note: action required to participate.
>> Hi,
>> MCH2022 was a huge success. We had great volunteers, great food, and 
>> great tools. Some tools were rented, most were bought. And now 
>> they're going to be donated to the Dutch hackerspaces that have 
>> contributed resources or people to MCH2022.
>> Please understand that the decision has already been made, and the 
>> idea of donating things to Dutch hackerspaces is not up for debate.
>> Storing everything for 3 years was ruled out, alternatives were 
>> considered, bikes were shed after the keys were finally returned.
>> I was appointed BOFH of this operation, and I want to distribute the 
>> resources as fairly as I can, according to agreements I made with the 
>> stichting. There are about a dozen boxes, and I intend to have most 
>> of it gone by the end of this month so they can be used instead of 
>> taking up space.
>> To answer the most FAQ: no, there is no list of things. Let's 
>> cherry-pick first. Those who have been at the event will probably 
>> have seen things at the LHQ Warehouse or Infodesk (and some other 
>> places), that they think would be
>> nice addicions to their hackerspaces.
>> The second most FAQ is about deco stuff, we don't have any of their 
>> stuff.
>> So... if you represent a Dutch hackerspace, please send me an email 
>> at warehouse at lists.mch2022.org, in which you answer the following 
>> questions:
>>     1. Which hackerspace do you represent?
>>     2. Do you wish to participate in this give-away? Note: someone 
>> will have to pick things up at RevSpace; no shipping.
>>     3. What kinds of things would really help your space? Are your 
>> storage boxes still unlabelled? Does someone keep consuming all the 
>> consumables? Are you still missing some (less) useful powertools?
>>     4. What kinds of things would you really hate to receive? E.g. 
>> Are you overflowing on office supplies? Does your space already stock 
>> the entire Lidl-Shop catalogue? Are permanent markers banned since 
>> the incident?
>>     5. Will you happily accept your gifts, without complaining or 
>> jealousy? :)
>> Please answer before next Friday!
>> A lot of things (such as brooms, axes, cleaning supplies) were 
>> already donated to scouting, or trashed. You might not get what you 
>> ask for, but I will at least try.
>> Over de uitslag kan niet worden gecorrespondeerd. Nou ja, het kan 
>> wel, maar het heeft geen zin :-)
>> For f0x' sake,
>> Team Warehouse
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