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konmei ccc at wedrich.org
Fri Mar 18 22:54:09 CET 2022

Hi team,

for team villages, we can only give rough assumptions, since this is 
typically a team, which is mainly active shortly before the event.

=== Food ===
buildup, event, teardown crew: 3-5 people probably
angels: hard to estimate, since we do not yet know how many cars can be 
on the ground at the same time. Would assume: build-up day -1, ca. 8-12 
angels per shift, 10am - 6pm, day 0 the same. The same would probably 
apply to teardown: Monday (day 4) appr. 5pm - 9pm, ca. 8-12 angels per 
shift, day 5 appr. 10am - 6pm, ca. 8-12 angels per shift.
Does that help?

=== Angel types===
Bike angels (the ones mentioned above): needed to guide people for 
build-up on the terrain. Detailed description to follow.

=== Wiki team members listing===
Up to date.

=== Wiki contact list and document your schemes ===
Under construction, updates will follow.

Best regards,

Am 12.03.2022 um 22:21 schrieb Sebastian Oort:
> Hey all, thanks for the meet today! Here is your todo from Team Volunteers for *this week*. It’s four things! We need these things done ASAP as we need to work on setting up systems and arranging contracts etc. Please handle at least the top two points before the end of next week (so we'd like to have everything before the 19th of March).
> === Food ===
> Figure out during each phase of the event (buildup, event, teardown) how many meals we need to serve for both your angels and your crew (crew is the team member who does hours of work for your team but is not in the angel-system). We normally do one meal per shift of work. Please split the list in your crew and angels, so we know hoe many crew we need to feed 2 or 3 meals per day vs the angels who get a meal per shift.
> === Angel types===
> Figure out your angel types. That takes a bit more time to explain. An angel-type is the requirements you need for a specific angel. We have two basic angels: the angel and the angel with a drivers-license. If you have work that requires special training, we need to setup a seperate angel type for it. We prefer to use as many ‘untrained’ angels as most volunteers will not appreciate mandatory training to do a task. If you can write a bit of instructions on a sheet of paper and skip training: all the better. If that requires you to split a complex task into two simple tasks: please do so.
> Once you’ve made this list of angeltypes for your team, please email team volunteers. If your number of angel-types is zero: please also send us that.
> === Wiki team members listing===
> Update your wiki page, connect to your team and figure out if you are good to go. If you need help finding new team-members for organizing, or if you need coaching/guidance on how to setup your team, or solve a problem in your team, or whatever: please contact us directly! Also feel free to use the vacancies function as well! If you need help writing a vacancy, talk to us!
> === Wiki contact list and document your schemes ===
> Update your wiki page to include a way of contacting your team if it’s not already there, and do a brief or extended writeup of your plans
> When you’ve got everything we need from you, please send us an email at volunteering at mch2022.org <mailto:volunteering at mch2022.org>. If you’re unable to meet the 19th deadline, please also reach out and let us know!
> Thanks,
> Sebastian and Koen,
> Team Volunteers MCH2022
> “alles naar de volunteering"
>> Op 12 mrt. 2022, om 19:50 heeft boekenwuurm <boekenwuurm at boekenwuurm.nl> het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi all!
>> We had a nice interactive orga meet today, with loads of info from many teams, thanks!
>> A heap of teams updated their status and had a 'let me know in the coming x weeks if you team need/want/have something.'
>> However, this info is most of the time hard to find. Therefore I have two questions to all teams:
>> * Please, please keep your wiki page and linked pages up to date. All  progress there can be found by others
>> * If you need input from other teams, reply to this mail with some info so everybody get a nice text reminder/maillist to-do to work through.
>> Kind regards,
>> Christel/Boekenwuurm from projectleiding
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>> Orga mailing list
>> Orga at lists.mch2021.org
>> https://lists.mch2021.org/mailman/listinfo/orga
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> Orga mailing list
> Orga at lists.mch2021.org
> https://lists.mch2021.org/mailman/listinfo/orga

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