[Villages] [mch2021-terrain] Hardware Hacking Area at MCH2022

Ruud Koolen redlizard at redlizard.nl
Thu Jun 23 01:54:59 CEST 2022

On Monday 20 June 2022 19:39:07 konmei wrote:
> Hi there,
> thank you. :)
> We will let you know once we proceed with the planning.
> Best regards,
> konmei

I should have responded here earlier, but: the bus should ideally be 
reasonably close to a road to keep the through-grass distance as low as 
possible. It does not need to be ON a road. It should probably avoid Torvalds 
and Wozniak fields, as those are prone to becoming swampy.

Locations that make sense to me include east Manning, north Lamarr, and south 
Hamilton. West Liskov or west Olsen would logistically be feasible, but is 
also quite packed and therefore probably not ideal. Immediately on the 
backbone boulevard would also be possible, but that is going to be an awfully 
tight fit between the trees (which are spaced every 10 meters with the 
occasional exception).

-- Ruud

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