[Villages] location for waffles at MCH2022

L3D l3d at c3woc.de
Thu Jun 2 21:56:39 CEST 2022

Dear MCH2022 Village Team

This is L3D from C3WOC. I wanted to get in touch with you guys for 
coordinating a strategic location for the waffle tent. Also to be able 
to pass this info on to the Power Team, as they have asked to know where 
to put power for the waffles.

For waffles, a location that is not too far from a water source would be 
good. And since I am good friends with the POC, my suggestion would have 
been to set up near the POC. For example, somewhere at Liscov Field.

How does that look from your side? Would that work or would you have 
other preferences?

By the way, I created a village entry for the C3WOC: 

Many greetings


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