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Fri Feb 4 21:09:38 CET 2022

Dear Konmei,

On 11.02. the moebelhaus shop in the pretix system will be opened up for villages. 
We have pre-reserved a certain amount of items with Boels, but as soon as they are sold out from the shop, we need to realign, if Boels can handle additional items.

The deadline will be 22.04. (3 months before the event starts) so that we have a bigger chance to adjust our order with Boels ( just in case more that the pre-reserved amount is needed). 

In case a village does not need a tent, please contact me and I will create vouchers for the shop. 
With these vouchers, villages should be able to order furniture in the shop without renting a tent.

I need to finally test this option in the shop, but in any case we will find a solution.

In case of any concerns, please let me know.

Best regards,


Team Moebelhaus

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Hi lumi,

you are doing tent rentals, correct? Could you let us (team villages) know until when villages would have to apply for tents in case they would like to rent one?

Also, would villages be able to rent chairs and tables without renting a tent?

Until when would they have to do that?

Thank you and best regards,

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