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Winko Erades van den Berg winko.erades.van.den.berg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 12:04:02 CEST 2022

Hi Konmei,

 From physical meeting April - Bitlair:

  * If there are any questions or requests for audio/video equipment,
    please forward these requests to the Team Productiehuis. The costs
    for renting audio/video equipment will be charged.
  * A colored card is used to access the different fields. With a
    specific colored card, you can access a specific field with your car.
  * There is quite a bit of progress on the map, for example, there is
    interaction with the wiki pages. There will be more motorhome
    pitches than previously expected, 150 in total. There is more space
    for food and drinks, which means we can handle large numbers of
  * Preparing promo stuff like promo-boxes and promo-letters. Containing
    flyers, stickers, leaflets, etc.
  * Team Fire will update our wiki page on the tent safety regulations
    (like NEN 6065 class II norm, equivalent DIN 4102-B1). I said all is
    well as long as they don't f*ck up our lay-out, if they need help I
    offered help.
  * Request to all to update the freaking wiki-pages.

Wiki update:

  * Structured the wiki village page.
  * Added multiple tables to track
      o Actions and progress
      o Timeline and status
      o Capacity planning time and numbers

If you have any insights/updates you can update the wiki page.



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