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Dear Tom & Konmei,

Unfortunately I do not have any SHA records for this. 
Right now the tent & furniture sale is very low (19 from 100 tables), but the demand intake in the next few months is unclear to me. If someone decides that it is more important to make the sponsors happy, we can take items out from the shop.

@Konmei: We have a total amount of 7 orders in the shop right now. Do you have any idea why the village orders might be so low? Is it that villages don’t need that many things or is it just that villages plan later or do we need to use different channels to announce it? 

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Hi Tom,

team:Moebelhaus is not directly related to team villages. I personally do not have any records about that, but maybe team:Moebelhaus does have them.
@lumi: can you help out?

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Am 06.04.2022 um 21:37 schrieb Tom Clement (Halcyon):
> Hi Konmei,
> We’re contemplating how many tables to allocate to sponsors’ village tents, as Boels has fewer tables available than we ordered due to the war in Ukraine (latest numbers say 510 tables available in total). We were planning to have sponsor villages “rent” their tables and chairs via Team:Villages (/moebelhaus shop).
> Do you know how many tables and chairs we rented to villages in 2017? Then we know how scarce they might become this year, and thus to how many we should cap sponsors.
> Thanks!
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