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=PsychiC= (MCH2022) psychic at mch2022.org
Tue Mar 15 22:14:59 CET 2022

Hi Team,

On the meetup from 12 March 2022 we have discussed the building of the 
dike bridge.
As Team Productiehuis we can ask our rentals if they can provide the 
materials and buildup as the companies that build stages usually also 
can build such a bridge.
Drawings with complete and accurate measurements are a must if we want 
to send out such a request.
We have not received the information needed and time is becoming more 
scarce to get this fulfilled as we expect this to take some time and 
mailing back/forth to get everything aligned.
Please let us know if we need to proceed with this request.
If we need to proceed with the request we need the information _no 
latest than 31 March 2022 _.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Kind Regards,


Team Productiehuis
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