[mch2021-terrain] [MCH2022] Terrain layout and sitemap track tents

=PsychiC= (MCH2022) psychic at mch2022.org
Tue Mar 15 21:18:38 CET 2022


In the meeting last Saturday we've had a good discussion regarding the 
terrain layout and sitemap for the track tents.
A lot of challenges arose and we have presented our thoughts , wishes 
and limitations with Redlizard and Netsmurf.
The decision for the placements of the tracks (amongst the relation to 
partyarea) is pretty important for how , what and when we need to 
build/setup in them.
We would strongly like to participate in this decision and the team has 
asked me to take the lead in this.
Please inform me if and how I'm able to join in this.

Kind Regards,

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