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Dear Konmei,

Please check my previous mail. Same topic.

Best regards


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Hi all,

anoter one that does not fit. We have 3 tents for them in the list.
Can someone please contact me about that?

Best regards,

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The 2 tents should be connected to each other and only one tent should have an opening.
The opening should be on the side opposed to the street, to provide privacy.

Thank you!

On Fri 8. Jul 2022 at 22:53, konmei <ccc at wedrich.org> wrote:

> Dear village contacts,
> for your village, you have rented more then one tent.
> We are currently doing the final placing and would like to know, if 
> you prefer to have the tents in a specific shape, e.g.
> - all singled out
> - all connected to one line
> - all connected in square
> - ...
> Under https://map.mch2022.org you find a first draft.
> Please get back to us asap, either confirming the shape depicted on 
> the map is ok or requesting a change.
> Thank you and best regards,
> konmei

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