[mch2021-terrain] [Villages] Placing special vehicles

konmei ccc at wedrich.org
Fri Jul 1 23:14:29 CEST 2022

Dear all,

these are the currently registered special vehicles, please let us know 
your comments/thoughts/decisions or if you have questions:

- planning to install a few solar panels to generate some of our own 
electricity (requires 2x8m)

- vehicle is a VW T4, a former ambulance (roughly 5.5m by 2.2m with a 
height of approx. 2.3m). With an adjacent awning it will be transformed 
into a loungy center for our village, where we arrange everything 
around. It also provides us with basic infrastructure (water, 
electricity) during buildup and teardown phase. During the event it will 
be decorated as a cyberwehr emergency vehicle to blend in and contribute 
to the jaw-dropping atmosphere we all know and love.

Village:80s Party
- We would like to bring 2 folding trailers from the 80s. One of those 
will have (one or two) front tents, serving as a living room space. So 
this somehow bigger then a normal tent would be. The folding trailers 
have wheels, we need to put them in place with a car. I have no idea how 
heavy the trailers are, lighter then a caravan for sure!
- Next to this, in our 80s theme we have 2 old-timer vehicles from the 
80s. One fire truck, serving as our "first aid with ethical questions" 
and one Volvo 343 serving as decoration and music/game chilling place. 
We would like to place them during build up and will not move during the 
The fire truck is not that big, more like a camper. And this one will be 
for sleeping too. The other car is more for decoration. It is a match 
with the folding trailer.

- We will come with some kind of Transporter... Fiat Ducato Daily 
like...but it will be integrated in our village and not moved out until 
wednsday... Power connectors stay as ordered.

Village:EVerest BaseCamp
- two Tesla's in a village (on Flowers field iirc). It should not be a 
problem is it is as you said, no driving and no sleeping.
Comment team:villages: already aligned with orga.

- cooling trailer

- I hope to have specialized medical equipment on the field that would 
make it very cool. Perhaps some help with installations or special 
table, inner-walls, etc are needed to construct the inner workings of 
the village's is special rooms.

Village:Hardware Hacking Area - HHA
- giant bus over from Belgium that unfolds into a giant workshop space

- cooling trailer and maybe like to plan a small orga camper (`400kg), 
integrated in the village

-  container, which will be used to host some small sessions for 
children. This container will be used as a small storage facility and 
will be used to host "teardowns" for children and a forensic game for 
the children

Village:tilde.industries & friends
- sauna, placement by rental company, in their words:
"in order to place, we must be able to reach the place where the sauna 
will be located by bus and trailer."

- We like to bring electric sauna. Same kind than previous time.

Village:Chaostreff Dortmund
- Electric Vehicles (more details requested)

In addition family zone registered some special vehicles, but with no 
additional information. @Ruud: is this already aligned with you?

Best regards,

Am 29.06.2022 um 20:42 schrieb konmei:
> Hi all,
> quick alignment on special vehicles. Suggestion for procedure:
> 1. get approved by orga (Stitch/redlizard?, we would send you the 
> corresponding the requests)
> 2. get placed (we include / align with redlizard)
> 3. get corresponding access card (onsite by team:villages when entering 
> the field)
> Any thoughts / remarks that should be considered?
> Best regards,
> konmei

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