[ROC] [mch2022-orga] Transport options of ROC equipment from CCC Berlin

Oliver Taubenheim oliver.taubenheim at posteo.net
Wed Jun 1 12:57:36 CEST 2022

There are occasionally people who make money with ride sharing. They 
rent a van with 8 seats (like a Transit or Sprinter) to recoupe all of 
their expenses plus some, and they have plenty of space for 8 peoples' 

If you find a driver like this, the five flight cases shouldn't be a big 
deal, particularly when the boxes can take the weight of other peoples 
luggage on top. The size alone sounds manageable. You could offer to pay 
for for two or three seats.

Alternatively, you could go this route yourself - rent a Sprinter with 8 
seats, and sell ride shares to people going to MCH as well.

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On 2022/06/01 12.31, Mark Janssen wrote:
> ~3m² in flight-cases... that won't fit in most cars I guess, so you 
> need a van/minitruck or car with a huge boot.
> On Tue, May 31, 2022 at 3:11 PM Wheeze_NL <ifcat at uberia.nl> wrote:
>     Orga-team,
>     we are looking for transport options for the ROC equipment from
>     CCC Berlin to the terrain in Zeewolde. CCC can only provide the
>     material ready for transportation after the 11th of July.   This
>     consist of 5 flightcases with a total weight of around 250 kg.
>     4x Flight Case 987x353x372mm
>     1x Flight Case 55 x 72,5 x 65,5 cm
>     Equipment need to be on the terrain by the 15th of July.
>     (as we need to have the radio equipment during build-up also.)
>     We are looking for UPS but that is rather expensive.
>     Are there any other teams who need to transport equipment from CCC
>     Berlin and have space left to ship these flightcases?
>     Kind Regards,
>     MrLinux
>     ROC team
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