[ROC] [mch2022-orga] Transport options of ROC equipment from CCC Berlin

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~3m² in flight-cases... that won't fit in most cars I guess, so you need a
van/minitruck or car with a huge boot.

On Tue, May 31, 2022 at 3:11 PM Wheeze_NL <ifcat at uberia.nl> wrote:

> Orga-team,
> we are looking for transport options for the ROC equipment from CCC Berlin
> to the terrain in Zeewolde.  CCC can only provide the material ready for
> transportation after the 11th of July.   This consist of 5 flightcases with
> a total weight of around 250 kg.
> 4x Flight Case 987x353x372mm
> 1x Flight Case 55 x 72,5 x 65,5 cm
> Equipment need to be on the terrain by the 15th of July.
> (as we need to have the radio equipment during build-up also.)
> We are looking for UPS but that is rather expensive.
> Are there any other teams who need to transport equipment from CCC Berlin
> and have space left to ship these flightcases?
> Kind Regards,
> MrLinux
> ROC team
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