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Hi all.

TL:DR; please help and update information on:

During the orga meet last weekend the attendees sweat-shopped 200 promo
packages, which will be shipped soon(tm). Yet, the address list is very
much outdated and incomplete, with data from 2017. If you would like to
help, please do so by updating/adding information in this spreadsheet:

There are some examples on how to update in The Netherlands and Belgium.
The list is also not touching the 200's yet, so a lot can still be added,
perhaps from different but related categories. :)

The wiki data from hackerspaces.org might help, but always verify the
address on that site (and also update it over there if relevant).

Elger / Stitch
+31 6 1342 5622

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Orga at lists.mch2022.org

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