[Productiehuis] Orga meet bikeshedding topic (2021-11-28)

Andreas Sikkema ramdyne at gmx.net
Tue Nov 23 20:51:03 CET 2021


Productiehuis, Terrain and Content have a topic for the next meeting
that we want to bikeshed on for 15 minutes or so. *Only during the

Only during the meeting, *NOT* here on the mailinglist* :-D

If you're planning on joining the meeting (or have been motivated by
this topic) could you please think about the following:

- What are you thoughts about having one "outdoor" stage instead of a
main stage tent? Of course we will have the stage and all tech etc
- Would a change like this have an effect on your team?
- etc.

If you can't join the meeting this Saturday, please send your thoughts
to me or the Productiehuis list. If you do this after the meeting,
please check the meeting minutes beforehand and filter accordingly ;-)



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