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Martin Gross martin at muc.ccc.de
Tue Jun 21 09:24:38 CEST 2022

Hi there!

Currently the pad says: "Payment occurs with pin terminals or with pre-paid
QR codes, thet can be optained online or with cash at the cash desk.".

As of right now, we have no plans to offer online payment/purchases of
prepaid QR codes - only on site and in cash.

I'd also encourage replacing the "PIN terminals", as I feel it is not a
very common term outside of the Netherlands. Instead of "pinnen" or
similar, I'd suggest plain language like "payment by debit or credit card".

It has not yet been decided on for sure, but the locations to exchange cash
for QR will might be at the cash desk (== entrance) and/or infodesk/-tent.

We have enough equipment to have two human operated exchange points and
there might be a machine for a non-human-contact experience, too.

You see - unfortunately - still a lot of "probably" in here...

If you are not going to print right away, feel free to ping me just before
you do, and I'll send you the latest information available.

Side note: Since you are team info and will also be running the infodesk:
If you agree to host the automated exchange machine and operate one of the
in-person exchanges (it's just a cash drawer, Android tablet and a receipt
printer), we could already set part of this in stone ("Exchange is
available at the infodesk/info tent")..

Best regards,

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