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Arjan Koopen arjan at koopen.net
Sat Jun 18 16:46:57 CEST 2022


For network I think it would be good to at least mention credentials for the encrypted WiFi network (similar to how EMF did this):

User: mch
Pass: mch

Additionally we could mention something about plugging into the wired network via a datenklo:

(Maybe more abbreviated text needed here)

There will be wired 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T/10GBASE-T ethernet on the camping grounds and in the caravan area by means of so-called "Data Toilets" or "Datenklos". Look for construction toilets with tin foil wrapped around them.

You can lay your own cables, but please do so in a tidy manner. You must not cross any roads, paths or borders between camping grounds. Always lay your cable from the Datenklo towards your tent to keep any slack close to your tent. Leave 5m of slack cable at the Datenklo. You can simply leave the end of your cable at the Datenklo, it will be connected by helpers at regular intervals (during reasonable work hours). If you want your cable back, make a proper spool of it and leave that at the Datenklo or mark it accordingly. It will be disconnected for you to pick up.

The maximum line-of-sight distance to the next Datenklo will be approximately 50 meters. Cables will not be provided. A length of 50 meters is recommended. If that is insufficient, you will find someone within this range who has a switch and can plug you in. But bringing 60 or 75 meters won't hurt if you want to be sure. Do not bring SFTP or other shielded cables, this can cause harm you your and our equipment, we will not connect them.

— Arjan

> On 18 Jun 2022, at 14:28, Arnout Engelen <shaorga at bzzt.net> wrote:
> Hi all!
> TL;DR: if your team has information you want to have available in the physical booklet, send it to info at lists.mch2022.org <mailto:info at lists.mch2022.org> before next Tuesday, June 21nd.
> Our current starting point can be found at https://pad.hackalot.nl/MCHbook# <https://pad.hackalot.nl/MCHbook#>. To ensure good coordination and a consistent style, please verify the information shared there is still accurate for 2022, and email any updates to info at lists.mch2022.org <mailto:info at lists.mch2022.org>.
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