[MCH Team:Info] [Content] When will the blog posts be online?

Claudia.Borges claudia.borges at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 25 22:10:13 CET 2020

Noor schreef op 2020-11-25 21:01:

> I'd rather not use the pad, I think. It gets messy and annoying with 
> all the copypasting going back and forth between the pad and WordPress.
> If we can't do a chat via IRC or something similar soon, I'll just 
> start an email thread with just you and Robin and go over the remaining 
> few issues one by one.
> Noor

Before we spend several hours of our precious time going back and forth 
with emails and chats discussing every point on this small text, I would 
like to have a conversation on the expectations around the process of 
publishing a blog post.

I was under the impression both teams had made an agreement where posts 
from the team content would have proofreading but no edition. Team 
content needs to be able to decide on what and how we want to convey 
what we think we should so to get the speakers we want. Confusion around 
this conversation may be a reason we are spending too much of our time 
with the text.

Even if I have misunderstood the process, I think this is a nice 
conversation to have.
Therefore, dear team members, shall we re access this conversation?



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