[MCH Team:Info] [Content] Team Content invite

Walter van Holst walter.van.holst at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 1 20:31:17 CET 2020

On 01-11-2020 19:41, Arnout Engelen via Content wrote:
> Hi Aschwin,
> Thanks for reaching out!

What is this reaching out? What do you mean by it? Let's not copy the
meaningless Silicon Valley lingo, shall we?

> As discussed with Claudia last month, our proposal would be that you
> can collaborate on your posts as a team in wordpress, and once one is
> ready you can ping Team:Info for a final review and publishing. This
> way we can coordinate the blog with other communications. We would
> also like to provide hands-on help with actually writing the blog
> posts for those teams that would appreciate that - the volunteer who
> is interested in that isn't onboarded just yet, though.
> Would that work for you? I think this could be pretty quick and light
> - if it turns out to be too heavy then of course we can always
> course-correct.

My preference for the process is that Team:Info's editorial influence is
limited to linguistic issues (you have a native speaker on your end, so
do we) and flagging up blog posts that really would not add to the
event. As well as that blogposts are personal. Team:Content is a bunch
of unruly personalities, as it should be, and having that shine through
in the blog posts is a feature, not a bug.

So yes, you get to give a final go/no-go on any posts, but there'll be
no real substantive input on the posts unless the author allows for that.

Having worked with professional editors *as well as* corporate
mealy-mouthed communications advisors, I prefer the former category and
would like you to take on that particular mantle.

So yes, the lighter the process, the better.



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