[Family] Fwd: Team Family request

Stef Louwers stef at steflouwers.nl
Mon Mar 21 23:30:46 CET 2022

Hi Manduca,

If still possible, could you add 4 additional beer benches to the 
Team:Family order? I'd like to build a pluche toy pit with them :)

Also, in your excel sheet, the fridge is labeled as team LHQ. Can I 
assume that this is a copy-paste error?


Stef Louwers / fhp

On 10-03-2022 21:18, Florian Overkamp wrote:
> Hi Manduca,
> On 3/10/22 10:22, Manduca wrote:
>> Mmm, interesting page. Didn't know it existed.... and I think it is 
>> outdate too.
> Yes, I'm guessing it's a remnant from the 2021 attempt.
>> I do think we have you covered as tables and chair we requested in 
>> pretty large amounts. We use larger tables though (200x76). You still 
>> need 35?
> Ah that does make quite a difference. Given that information, let's 
> reduce the number of tables from 35 to 30
>> I'll add Family to my Boels order list with the items from the wiki 
>> page. See:
>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1in7HbYoADSuZVbCAx2pDSuw1xaQ7ie5QEIamzZhGN4s/ 
>> You can also see the costs there for your budget.
> Great, thanks.
> Can we also add a small fridge to our list there? (i.e. art.nr 27361, 
> https://www.boelsparty.com/nl/koelkast-180-l )
> Best regards,
> Florian

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