[Family] Fwd: Team Family request

Florian Overkamp mch2022 at flrn.eu
Wed Mar 9 20:37:47 CET 2022

Dear Manduca,

after discussing at the orga-meet just now, it seems we should contact 
you wrt the request for furniture for our team?

The initial request was already added to the wiki page and is basically 
still accurate.

Are these items available, or do we need to select alternatives? We're 
fairly pragmatic, so whatever is available we can probably make work... 
Please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

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Subject: Team Family request
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2022 23:00:10 +0100
From: Florian Overkamp <mch2022 at flrn.eu>
To: mch2022 at c3moebelhaus.de


I'm reaching out on behalf of Team Family, where we try to create an 
awesome event for the young ones :-)

We have planned and requested tents, and also furniture through the 
https://wiki.mch2022.org/Furniture_requests page. However from the 
mailinglist we understood this request should now be redirected through 
the shop at https://moebelhaus.mch2022.org/ as well? If so, can we get a 
voucher code to add the furniture?

Please let us know how to proceed.


Met vriendelijke groet, best regards,

Florian Overkamp

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