[Family] Enter your prefered location in the wiki!

konmei ccc at wedrich.org
Fri Jun 24 00:02:04 CEST 2022

Dear village contact,

we enabled the feature "Preferred Location" in the wiki. If you like, 
you can now edit your village page and chose a preferred spot (simply 
open your village, "edit with form" and click on the map).
Please do so by latest 30.06.2022!

Important ! Please be aware:
- Marking a preferred location is NO guarantee that you get this spot!
- This functionality is available also for clusters.
- If you belong to a cluster, we will use the cluster location with 
higher priority.
- Please make sure, that you only choose a spot that is available to MCH 
  (check the map at https://map.mch2022.org, use the layer "Renters")

After 30.06.2022 we will place the villages, any delayed registrations 
cannot be considered. We inform you, when the final map is published 
(1st week of July).

Best regards,
for team:villages

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