[Family] Inflatable Fun Land for MCH2022

Michael Tewner tewner at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 12:09:56 CEST 2022

Hi Team Family!

I've gotten in touch with The AnyKey who arranged the Inflatable Fun Land
at SHA2017. He has graciously sent the invoice from that event - (In case
you see this, *Thank you!*)

* About 500 EURO (414 EURO+BTW) of inflatables (~36 items) were ordered
from https://www.opblaasbareartikelen.nl/ .

* I understand that this project is coming in late. Does 500 EURO seem like
a reasonable expense? Do I need to get any additional approvals at this

* According to their website, shipping is within days, so no hurry on that

* Let's discuss this at the next Parents meeting (Tuesday the 14th).

* Do we know what happened with the inflatables from SHA2017? Are we sure
they aren't sitting on a europallet in an ifcat store-room and won't
magically appear at the event?

Talk to you all on Tuesday!

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