[Family] Q - MCH2022 - Request for relevant Villages to register their radio transmitters

Florian Overkamp mch2022 at flrn.eu
Mon Jun 6 15:08:43 CEST 2022

Hi Winko,

As a parent I like to hand my kid a handheld radio on campsite, and I do 
expect similar from some other parents. I would expect this stuff to be 
regular PMR446 band (although I cannot attest to types/brands/etc). I 
expect this won't be an issue? Anything you would like us to inform 
parents about in this regard?

On 6/6/22 11:01, Winko Erades van den Berg wrote:
> The ROC and Productiehuis teams (for organising radio and AV) would like 
> to prevent radio interference on the MCH2022 as much as possible, so 
> that interference is mitigated as much as possible.
> We are trying to collect all the radio frequencies in use at the event 
> into a single document so interference problems can be mitigated. Well 
> known/regulated frequencies/protocols like WiFi, DECT, GSM, car remotes, 
> Bluetooth etc are excluded, but transmitters (especially) like wireless 
> microphones have to be regulated across the terrain unfortunately. This 
> also includes Tesla coils :-D
> If you're planning to have radio transmitters active at MCH2022 please 
> contact Team Productiehuis (productiehuis at lists.mch2022.org) with 
> contact details and relevant transmitter data (frequency, purpose, 
> location, etc).

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