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Stef Louwers stef at steflouwers.nl
Wed Feb 9 21:39:59 CET 2022

Hi Christel,

On 09-02-2022 20:39, boekenwuurm wrote:
> Hi team:Family village!
> How are you doing?
We are doing good and are quite on track. The team has 3 members ([Sim], 
Haakjes and me). We have discussed terrain, some activities in general.

> It has been some time since we last spoke. I was wondering if we can 
> have a meeting sometime soon, to see what the plans are and if we 
> perhaps should start taking some action on these possible plans.
We have had our first two meetings already, the next one is planned on 
the 9th of March: https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Family#Meetings You are 
welcome to join us :)

> With the expected summer activities, loads of rental material should 
> be arranged preferably sooner than later. For context, it seems IFCAT 
> secured the last sanitation blocks in the country for our date.
Oke, so we should reach out for bouncing castles and the like sooner 
rather than later. Maybe we should investigate some options and discuss 
this at the next meeting. Christel, when is the go/no-go moment planned, 
or in other words, when can we start spending money?

> Also, if tents and chairs are needed for the family village, the 
> moebelhous shop for teams and villages opens on Friday. Some items are 
> limited, so if family village needs that, some speed might be required.
We filled in https://wiki.mch2022.org/Furniture_requests, but that page 
seems obsolete. So we should act fast this Friday. I'm away this 
weekend, so if anyone else can keep an eye on this, that would be great.

> Hope to hear from you soon,
> Christel/Boekenwuurm

Stef Louwers / fhp

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