[Family] meetings en budget

boekenwuurm boekenwuurm at boekenwuurm.nl
Sun Oct 17 21:35:49 CEST 2021

Hi Stef,

Thanks, great that there is a draft budget :) On first look it looks reasonable.

When do you want to start regular meetings, is that still this year, or closer to the event?

Kind regards,


On 10/11/21 10:08 PM, Stef Louwers wrote:
> Hi Christel and team members,
> We do not yet have regular meetings, but I do think we have enough members for now (Haakjes, [Sim], and me). Starting this spring we could use some more volunteers/parents to organize activities.
> I have created a rough draft budget, based on the budget of SHA2017, and attached it to this mail. Haakjes and [Sim], could you take a look?
> Regards,
> Stef Louwers / fhp
> On 29-09-2021 20:14, boekenwuurm wrote:
>> Hello team family village!
>> I've seen some of you on the field day :)
>> I was wondering what is the status of your team? Are you already meeting, do you have enough members (for now)? And did you already think about a budget?
>> Kind regards,
>> Christel/ Boekenwuurm

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