[mch2022-deco] Power reqs Team Deco

polyfloyd floyd at polyfloyd.net
Thu Jun 23 22:59:29 CEST 2022

Hey Team Power,

At the last orga meet I spoke with Benadski and Roosted about power 
requirements for Team Deco. I have attached the spreadsheet containing 
your form.

It's still mostly TBD, but I want to send it over anyway to give an idea 
of the amount of power we will be drawing, even though it is not a lot ;)

The more important bit is that we still need to plan how to hookup a 
number of projects. For this I would like to know, what is the maximum 
distance that would need to be traveled in a central (Liskov, Turing, 
Wozniak, etc) field from a 230V distribution point? What kind of power 
cords could be provided by Team Power and what should we buy ourselves?

- polyfloyd
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