[mch2022-deco] I want to volunteer!

Klaartje Bruyn info at klabru.nl
Sun Jun 12 11:49:13 CEST 2022

On 6/11/22 15:00, Oliver Child wrote:

> I was wondering if your team needed any additional hands on-site for the 
> build-up and if I could help in any way? I also have some spare time in 
> the run-up to the event, so if there's anything you need let me know.
Hello Oliver! Yes, you are very welcome to help us during buildup!
We already have an Oliver, mind if we call you Oliver to maximize 
confusion?  :-)

Help before buildup is welcome too, but it depends a bit on where in the 
world you are.

Please join us on Signal. That is where we plan for world domination. 
I'm +31620889877, hit me up!


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