[mch2022-deco] [mch2021-orga] Preliminary budgets for MCH 2022

polyfloyd floyd at polyfloyd.net
Sun Oct 31 11:07:56 CET 2021

Hi Team Finance,

Here's the draft budget for Team Deco, see attachment.

Some important things to take into account:
* This does not account for decoration of the bar, partytent and the 
budget for the ColourMyMCH project
* Shortages and shipping constraints in the global economy are currently 
driving higher prices, inflation and long shipping times. The sooner we 
are able to order raw materials the better
* We would like to have about 4800 euro's available in January, in 
particular for the bulk order of parts for the light pillars
* 70% of the budget available by March
* 100% of the budget available by May/June

- polyfloyd

On 9/30/21 10:51 PM, finance--- via Orga wrote:
> Dear Orga, Dear Teams,
> To “fall with the door in house”, or in proper English, get right to 
> the point: we would like to see your preliminary budgets (NL: 
> begrotingen) by October 31st 2021.
> Good budgeting is essential for a healthy and successful MCH2022. For 
> this reason Team Finance would like to receive and discuss every 
> team’s preliminary budget and know who your treasurer/financial 
> contact person is. This way we will also know how much money is needed 
> for each team and where issues could arise.
> In short:
>   * Team Finance is here to help you with budgeting. If you have no
>     idea what to do or other questions, please contact us!
>   * A budget template to get you started can be found on the Team
>     Finance wiki page (https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Finance
>     <https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Finance>).
>   * Add dates when you expect thingsneeds to be paid and/or will be
>     paid. This important for us have a better insight in the cashflow
>     of MCH.
>   * We do not expect perfect budgets at this moment. We want to use
>     the preliminary budgets to get a rough estimate of the expected
>     costs and something concrete to discuss this with teams.
>   * If you have any elements in your budget that involve other teams
>     please discuss this with them as well.
>   * Please send your preliminary, draft, ballpark estimate,
>     rudimentary, or otherwise not-final budget to finance at mch2022.org
>     <mailto:finance at mch2022.org> by October 31st 2021.
> Cheers,
> Team Finance
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