[Warehouse] Off-site transport for Team Warehouse

Quux unicorn at blackhats.org
Sun Jun 19 07:57:24 CEST 2022

Hej F0x,

Some months ago there was a discussion on off-site transport and it was decided (in my opinion) that there was no need for the core team to organise that, since teams and villages would handle it themselves, focussing on other things. So I did nothing and just forgot about it. The idea for off-site transport would be to haul stuff to the campsite during buildup and bring stuff back to for instance hackerspaces during teardown.

I don’t have a (small) truck, only a personal car with some limited boot space. I am willing to help if possible, but I cannot transport large stuff.


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> On 18 Jun 2022, at 15:58, f0x <f0x at cthu.lu> wrote:
> Hi,
> For Team:Warehouse, and we'll need transport from RevSpace for the main inventory (it's on your wiki-page already).
> We're also working on a rental deal for 'danish carts', to store stuff in our warehouse portocabin, which will need transport
> from and to Fabricageweg 20, 3899 AV Zeewolde, most likely on the 15th and 28th.
> Kind regards,
> f0x

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