[Warehouse] [mch2022-orga] Gratis meuk^Wspullen voor Nederlandse hackerspaces

Xesxen hackalot at xesxen.nl
Sun Aug 7 21:02:44 CEST 2022

Hi Fox et al,

     1. Which hackerspace do you represent?

Hackalot (Eindhoven) :)

     2. Do you wish to participate in this give-away? Note: someone
will have to pick things up at RevSpace; no shipping.

Yes, most certainly. We are aware of the RevSpace pickup.

     3. What kinds of things would really help your space? Are your
storage boxes still unlabelled? Does someone keep consuming all the
consumables? Are you still missing some (less) useful powertools?

We currently have a small subset of the parkside catalogue, but would
like to expand. We like powertools, hand/manual tools, power strips and
other suprises.

     4. What kinds of things would you really hate to receive? E.g. Are
you overflowing on office supplies? Does your space already stock the
entire Lidl-Shop catalogue? Are permanent markers banned since the

There is a dislike for cheese-like cable binders (disguised as zip
ties) and a minor dislike for office supplies. We resolved all marker

     5. Will you happily accept your gifts, without complaining or
jealousy? :)

Yes :)

Thanks, and see you all soon at the revspace BBQ!

For Hackalot's sake,

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