[Volunteering] Dorota Grajewska Volunteering MCH2022

Dorota Grajewska grajewska.dorota at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 19:13:45 CEST 2022


My name is Dorota Grajewska and I am a Polish photographer studying MA in
Media Design in Geneva. I am also a member of a local hackerspace - PTL and
would really love to join you this year for MCH2022!

However, coming from Eastern Europe and living in Switzerland with the
current student work visa restriction means that there is no possible way I
could afford the tickets. That's why I was wondering if I could join you as
a volunteer photographer to cover the documentation of the events. I
photographed at the GIFF Festival in Geneva and I helped to document some
workshops at the local Fablab when I was still living in Warsaw.

I attached two documents with some pictures for reference.

I really hope to hear back from you and hopefully join you in this amazing

Best regards,
Dorota Grajewska

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