[Volunteering] Help needed: Parking and Logistics Gate Supervision

Martin Gross martin at mch2022.org
Wed Apr 20 20:35:16 CEST 2022

Hi there!

As mentioned in tonight's Mumble, there are two big issues that we're
having in Team:Ticket&Entrance.

- Logistics Gate
I do see why some people would say that the Logistics Gate should also be
done by Ticket&Entrance. I do not mind adding random shifts to the Angel
System for people to sign up for those shifts - but that's pretty much
where my competency ends.

If I am supposed to run that gate, the gate will be open and people can
just drive onto the terrain. I do not have the previous or current
knowledge to properly make up rules which cars can go when onto the terrain.

For SHA, someone™ made sure to staff the gate during buildup, teardown and
the first day or so. They also had all the rules figured out and proper
access passes.

Manduca/Team:Logistics and I agree that no one should be allowed through
the gate except Logistics. But since visitors and villages will be
arriving, too, we cannot just lock the gate.

So my request for you here would be to please magically come up with a
solution or even better coordinator that has knowledge in the area and will
take care of this.

(Just as a reminder: At SHA, there was a single angel scheduled for the
logistics gate during the event and no one wanted to do it. So in the end,
there was basically one single person sitting at the gate 24/7).

- Parking:
Team:Terrain's Wikipage mentions: "Parking. Team:Terrain organizes a place
for visitors to park their cars, complete with traffic coordination both at
the parking field and in the surrounding area, ticket scanning at the
entrance, and security to keep the cars safe.".

So for me this reads like Team:Terrain will take care of coordinating the
ticket scanning procedure (and by extension also sale of on-site parking
tickets) and will provide their own Supervisors and Angels for that area.

I haven't gotten a definitive answer back from Team:Terrain/redlizard back
on this subject if they agree.

But since it doesn't seem abundantly clear, there is a chance that another
supervising role might be required, for Parking, too.


Just to say this out loud: I am not trying to get the "not my fucking
job"-award by getting out of those responsibilities. But Ticketing&Entrance
taking care of Visitor ticket scanning, handing out stuff, selling more
tickets *and* additionally this year even running an event-wide
cashdesk-system, these other tasks are just too much to pile on top. I'd
rather have some more people taking responsibility for those tasks than
having to half-ass all of them...

Of course, I'll be happy to provide hardware for validation and sale
wherever necessary.

I hope this is something you can help with.

Best regards,

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