[Villages] List of villages and tents

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I have send you a link to the XLS with Tents and many more calculations in there.

The sponsors with moebelhaus tents that I know of are :
- Computest 10x10 Sponsor tent + 5x10 Moebelhaus tents need to be combined into a 10x15

Tom is mentioning S-Unit, but I do not see them in the tent list or Moebelhaus.


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Thanks Martin, that looks much better then expected.
@Netsmurf: do you have the details about which tents shall be combined how?

Thank you and best regards,

Am 29.06.2022 um 20:40 schrieb Martin Gross:
> Hi!
> Please find attached the list of ordered tents from the Möbelhaus-Shop.
> As mentioned on the biweekly call:
> - This list can and probably will change. There are some tents in 
> there are still "pending" (as in: They have not yet been paid). Also 
> there might be orders still coming in the future.
> - Sponsor Tents are generally not included in the list.
> - All special deals (connecting the tents into giant tents, etc.) are 
> not visible from this list. Iirc, Netsmurf can provide a list of 
> sponsor tents and special things.
> Best regards,
> Martin

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