[Villages] Italian Embassy placement

Federico Cerutti federico at ceres-c.it
Thu Jun 30 00:47:07 CEST 2022

Hi konmei,
Thanks, we'll make do there I guess :)
Just to be sure I am not projecting a negative image on us folks: it's 
not like we want to make a mess for the sake of it, but just that we 
might happen to have music on at non-family-friendly times. Better to be 
safe than sorry, and choose the right place from the beginning. :)


On 2022-06-29 22:17, konmei wrote:
> Hi Federico,
> we do not have a "party area" as such, but probably Lamarr field will
> be the one to go to. ;)
> Best regards,
> konmei
> Am 29.06.2022 um 18:02 schrieb Federico Cerutti:
>> Hello,
>> I am the project leader for this year's Italian Hackers' Embassy at 
>> MCH and, quite late admittedly, I'm trying to finalize our placement 
>> on the ground. Before definitively placing the pin on the ground (I 
>> know our current location is illegal), I'd like to have some info 
>> regarding the noise regulations at the camp.
>> We *might* bring some grappa and throw a small party, which of course 
>> would be incompatible with the family village. Is there a place 
>> dedicated to all the party-villages?
>> Thanks,

Federico Cerutti / ceres-c

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