[Villages] "Vouwwagen" Holtkamper as trailer or tent?

M_et_al m.et.al at posteo.de
Sat Jun 25 21:10:53 CEST 2022

Dear villages team,

I am M_et_al and am going to be attending MCH as part of the 
tilde.industries village 

I might be able to bring a Holtkamper "Vouwwagen" but was wondering if 
it needs a camper ticket, and if it is allowed on the Torvalds Field.
It would not make sense to bring it if it can't be part of the village, 
as it would be a good place to host Workshops and game tournaments, but 
otherwise is a bit of a hassle for providing sleeping spots for 4 people 
who will be at the village most of the time.

On all other campings it has always counted as a tent, but I can also 
understand the concerns about footprint and weight.
We have however never encountered any issues with marks left before, 
even on campings where it rained heavily the days before and during the 

The specifications are:

Holtkamper Flyer ~1995-2000 (Don't currently have access to the exact 
Pretty much the same as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhNU1Hg6yZU

Footprint built up without front tent: 3.60m X 1.80m = 6.84m^2
Footprint including front tent: 27m^2

Weight: <400kg without occupants
Rests on:
   - Main part: 2 wheels 155 x 65 R13, one smaller wheel, two legs with 
planks under them
   - Hardtop room: Flat hard floor

Fire Safety:
   - Unsure if the fire retardant Norm is fulfilled, but will be 
confirmed and checked professionally (TÜV) until then, and otherwise 
either upgraded or not used.
   - The Kitchen runs on gas and all rules on the wiki regarding the gas 
will be obeyed in full.

Sleeps: 4, two in the bed and two in the hardtop room.

Could you tell me what your opinion is regarding the tent status, and if 
it would be allowed in the village?
Please let me know if you have any questions.

kind regards,

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