[Villages] Hardware Hacking Area at MCH2022

Kliment (Future Bits) kliment at 0xfb.com
Sun Jun 19 22:32:37 CEST 2022

On 19.06.22 22:11, konmei wrote:
> Hello Kliment and Tom,
> we received your requirements, thank you very much. We appreciate, if 
> you keep your wiki page up to date. ;)

We will. Anything specific you need us to put there immediately?

> Regarding the topics that concern team:villages:
> Space: need to clarify.
> @team:terrain: do we have a spot on the field, where the bus could be 
> parked?
> Power: will keep in mind and align closely with team:power.
This has been cleared with team power already yesterday, they have 
approved our setup, but they need to know location from you as soon as 
you have it for their planning as well.

> Timeline: fine with us.
> Please understand, that there are a lot of conflicting requirements from 
> different villages, and we will try to fulfill as much of them as possible.
> Also, right now there are some organizational topics about water and 
> sewage unclear, so we cannot finalize the plannings yet.
Of course. Let us know if there's anything we can do to make your life 

> Once we finalize the planning and placing process, we will let you know 
> (latest by begin of July, maybe earlier).
Amazing, thank you!

> Best regards,
> konmei
> for team:villages
> Am 17.06.2022 um 10:44 schrieb Kliment (Future Bits):
>> Hello Villages team,
>> I just realized we've not been in contact with you about our 
>> requirements due to some confusion on our end, so this is me 
>> attempting to fix this. I (Kliment) and Tom are points of contact for 
>> this. Please ask us anything anytime.
>> We are the Hardware Hacking Area. We're planning to bring a giant bus 
>> over from Belgium that unfolds into a giant workshop space (similar to 
>> but not quite a tent - with a roof, but open-sided). We then fill that 
>> space with (our own) tables, chairs, soldering irons, and run lots of 
>> hardware-related workshops. We've already been in touch with content 
>> team and they've designated us as an official workshop track, hosting 
>> several of the more hardware-oriented cfp-proposed workshops. You have 
>> probably seen our setup at SHA, EMF18, Fri3d18, CCCamp19, EMF22. We'd 
>> like to coordinate with you about how to best make this happen.
>> Here's what we'd need to make HHA a reality:
>> Space: We need a level space we can park a 12m long special vehicle 
>> in, and then expand it to a 18x9m workshop area. We'd prefer the 
>> non-vehicle side to be best visible/accessible to the public. A 
>> dimensioned drawing of our setup and required access space around it 
>> is attached. Our total loaded weight is around 13 tons, distributed 
>> over two axles.
>> Power: We have an unusual power setup. We'll coordinate this 
>> separately with team power. Ideally, we'd like a 400v/32A/3phase red 
>> socket connection within 12m of the bus. We do not expect to be 
>> drawing significant loads on average but our peak load can easily 
>> exceed 16A. Again, we'll coordinate this separately with team power.
>> Arrival/departure: We'd like to arrive for early buildup on day -1 and 
>> depart on day 6 in the morning. We have a large turn radius (I believe 
>> 9m, Tom can correct me if I'm wrong) and cannot go up/down steep slopes.
>> Fire protection: Our space is an awning (not sure if this qualifies as 
>> a tent or not) with no walls and a fire-retardant roof. Nobody will be 
>> sleeping inside the workshop area. We can bring fire extinguishers as 
>> necessary. We have lots of emergency exit options as there are no 
>> walls. Some advice on necessary signposting would be appreciated. 
>> Visitors other than our team members are not allowed inside the 
>> vehicle, only the outside workshop area is public-access (the vehicle 
>> has only one exit, which is why we don't open it to the public).
>> Sorry for contacting you so late, we'll try to be extremely responsive 
>> from now on.
>> Kliment and Tom

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