[Villages] hello and dishwashers

boekenwuurm boekenwuurm at boekenwuurm.nl
Wed Sep 8 20:57:32 CEST 2021

Hi team villages!

I'm exited to start working with you (as I'm in projectleiding) :)

I've talked to Konmei this weekend on the field weekend, and the main point for now is if we want dishwashers for villages. We talked about renting them, and that the feasibility depends on the costs. There are rental dishwashers, for example:

https://www.boelsparty.com/nl/catalog/vaatwasapparatuur <https://www.boelsparty.com/nl/catalog/vaatwasapparatuur>

I'm pretty sure team:Logistics and team:Horeca will both get a Boels order for MCH2022, so that seems like a good route.

Kind regards,


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