[Villages] MCH2021 car charging station software & hardware

Arnout Engelen arnout at bzzt.net
Mon Jan 25 10:25:21 CET 2021

Hello teams Terrain, Power, Villages and Sponsoring,

This sounds like it could potentially be very cool! Could you coordinate and pick this up with Marco (marcomoeller at gmail.com)?


we are currently starting a new very broad open source (MIT) car charging station software stack, and would love to have some offering by our team to charge cars of MCH visitors and to have fun with devices. In the call for participation form this is not really fitting, and I guess waiting for the villages registration might be a bit late, since we have some requirements on energy and accessability, etc....
To whom do you think we should talk to get this idea booster? We also have a startup around this, and would be happy to sponsor things around this installation...


Hi Marco,

That sounds really cool! It might be a bit complicated in terms of logistics, as we can't allow cars on the fields and power distribution is already a puzzle. Good thing we love puzzles! :D

Can you share a bit more about what you'd need in terms of energy and accessability?

Kind regards,



Hi Arnout,
I was a participant at the SHA17 and CCC19, so I know what you are talking about :-/
I guess it would be great if we can have a small meeting about it? Maybe you and some of your folks regarding power and location?
ONE idea I roughly had in mind: last time you had allowed RVs (campers) to park their vehicles at the border of the camp ground. maybe we can allow SOME EV also to park at that border, and we make our village their? It would be really nice to be in a public accessible area, where as many as possible people can charge (and maybe donate you or us for the electricity cost), but I don't know how to solve that with my limited insights.
In my mind I would love to have something like 4-ish parallel AC charging spots (or more?). In theory we are designing the HW so that each spot can deliver up to 22kW, but we are also planning to make some intelligent power limiting, so we can limit the total consumption of all slots to whatever the village can spare. We are also thinking about coupling this to "current solar generation" or something like that... so there are infinite degrees of freedom..... should we talk?


another thought: last SHA you had one place with "tesla hacking"... so someone brought two Teslas into his village... but this would mean its only a very small fixed set of car we could charge, and the community service is gone :-/

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