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Lennart de Vries lennart at uberia.nl
Thu May 5 22:01:38 CEST 2022

Hi Jan,

We have had a ROC-meeting with PL, and are very happy that we can use the

PL requests the radios to be available on Friday July 15th in the early
morning. As buildup has been reduced by one day and cell-coverage is low to
zero depending on the network.

Is it possible to get the radios ahead of time, so we can prepare them
ourselves and bring them to the field with the correct configuration.
If the radios are not going to be used between GPN and MCH, we might even
be able to arrange transport with Event-Infra from the GPN.

We are a team of four experienced people that would like to take the time
to make sure everything works as it is best for MCH2022, and works together
with the extra rented equipment.
If you have people who would like to join ROC, they would be very welcome,
so that it becomes something international like NOC.

Help with programming the BYOD-radios would still be very much appreciated.
As for the OTAP, I will put the correct key in the configuration so this
will work after the event as well.

Best regards on behalf of team ROC,
Lennart / Wheeze_NL

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